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Success is just for you……………..!!!

Success is just for you……………..!!!


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Who does not want to be successful Everyone wants to fulfill his dreams. Wants to be successful This is the key to success but in your own hands. How is it possible? Writes Chowdhury Abul Hasan Masum. Written from Facebook Hopefully your life can turn around if you miss the writing.

When you win you will win all around you. Those faces will be very proud of you, one day the faces that you see were black. Many unfamiliar faces will be known to you. From such a number of places you will call your number and you do not even hear the names. You will be the middlemost of all.

দেখুন সফলতার জন্য যা যা করণীয়……….

But if you lose, you lose yourself alone. Nobody will be your partner. Except for the mother. With the girlfriends / boyfriends who spent the day talking night and day after night, for which the money bag has been torn apart, you will also see that. Maybe or a magistrate or an ASP married a happier bus. The relatives who once pride themselves on you will tease you. To them you will be a joke of fun. In this way, you will say, ‘How long do you have money for father and father, what do you do in honors masters … jobs and bakri do anything to bapu …’ and how much you will have to hear this. This is the nature of the inhumanity.

দেখুন সফলতার জন্য যা যা করণীয়……….

When you are in distress, keep your tongue off. Do not be frustrated, do not break Prepare silently for the right answer. And what is the answer to that ??? Just one success. Your success will close all your critics. Put a spoon like a super glue on their face. This is very possible by you. But our problem is that we all want to go to Paradise but nobody wants to die. But Tattoos is impossible. And to make this impossible task possible, exclude four ‘P’ from your life and add six ‘P’ to life. By saying, by karim karim, if you can do this then all the doors to the success of the world of the Hereafter will be opened for you.

দেখুন সফলতার জন্য যা যা করণীয়……….

The four P will be removed from life:

First P: Procrastination means black pepper. Today, not tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, just do not push yourself. Do you think it’s time to start reading from the afternoon, or start reading tomorrow. Remember that noon or tomorrow will never come to your life again.

Keep in mind that the time is that you are running unsuspecting Facebook, playing games, chatting with friends in vainly. Night after night talking to girlfriend or boyfriend. At the same time, your other rival candidate is spent night after night, spending hours reading it for hours. So how do you expect that you and your fruits will be one ??? So there is still time to bring life to the routine. Use the time completely in the house. Use leisure time. Buy small pad. Write some common sense in which, vocabulary, somehow Bangla literature … write down and write down your pants in your pants.

আরোবিস্তারিত দেখুন ……….

Go to the tuition, or keep it in front of the desk or in front of you in the workplace. Look at this as soon as you get the chance to study the student or get the job done at the office. Look at your pad while not on the streets, or on rickshaws, on the road, or not on the beautiful children and girls. You see, a lot of your memories are going on.

Second P: Phobia, meaning fear There may be many fears such as the fear of their inadequacy, fear of their own inability, fear of criticism of human, and how much more. If you are afraid of your ability and ability, then for you, you have many abilities that you do not know. Or did not even try to know. So your responsibility is to discover yourself from yourself. Being eligible, you are passing SSC, HSC, Honors, Masters all in all. So you do not want to say that I need a job, because by this you mean a helplessness, but rather tell me this job is for me. I have to go there. I’m good enough for it

আরোবিস্তারিত দেখুন ……….

And the fear of criticism ??? If you have seen V for Vendetta movie then you see that the hero has a monologue where V is called a lot of wards. One of these wards was Vermin, which meant that the lower caste people or caste little people. And who do they know? The people who criticize you on the back are people of that vermin or lower and lower classes. So do not take them to the top of the criticism by criticizing them.

আরোবিস্তারিত দেখুন ……….

Third P: Pessimistic or Frustrated This p is also to be removed from your life. Due to the deterioration of the situation, any unfavorable situation may occur, never be frustrated. Keep in mind that nothing in this disastrous world is permanent. Our problems too. Always keep yourself in hope and positive outlook. Imagine my condition could have been worse than it might have been. I’m fine now. Allah will soon remove my misery.

Fourth P: Parasite means Parasite. This P also needs to be removed. Never be paralyzed by someone emotionally or socially. Do not be dependent on anyone except Allah alone. Do not look at the friend’s note. Note yourself, read it yourself. Go alone the way of life. Walking alone is not difficult. But when it becomes difficult, when someone is lost in the middle of a partner. That’s what you’re going to get very silent. So this should be eliminated from your life of Paraasite P.

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