এখন থেকে সকল চাকরির খবর জানতে ভিজিট করুন

The primary teacher’s primary teacher’s post is second class, but they get salaries in the 11th grade. However, all other employees of the second class get salaries in tenth grade. Even when the recommendation of recruitment from the 34th BCS to the second class is recommended, all the 10th Grade is received even when the head of government primary teachers got the 11th grade.

The government has decided to reduce the grade discrimination of primary level teachers. There are more than one meeting in the implementation of the decision. If the new decision is implemented, the Chief Teachers will get salary in tenth grade. At the same time, discrimination will also reduce assistant teachers. There are about 350,000 teachers working in government primary schools in the country.

According to the election manifesto, the reduction in grade discrimination will increase the salary of these teachers.Primary and Mass Education Secretary Akram Al-Hossain said that the election manifesto of the Awami League teachers of primary school teachers have been asked to resolve the discrimination. So the ministry is giving special importance to this issue.

In Awami League’s election manifesto, it has been said that in spite of the welfare oriented and opportune initiatives of the government, including the salary and pay of the teachers of the government primary schools, the discrimination in some areas of the education sector remains still, the initiative will be taken to resolve it on the basis of justification for the next tenure.

Ministry officials say that in the implementation of this new decision, discrimination of teachers is not reduced with the help of assistant teachers. Grade discrimination in primary school with secondary level assistant teachers will also decrease.

At present, the unskilled chief teacher gets the salary of 12th grade (11300 taka salary scale) and the trained 11th grade (Tk 12500 taka scale). The unaided teachers will get 15th grade (9700 taka per year) and trained teachers get the 14th grade (salary of Tk 10,200 per pay scale).

The difference between their teacher and teachers is three steps. Assistant teachers also organized a movement demanding reduction of this distinction. Primary and Mass Education Secretary said, the grade of assistant teachers will be upgraded.
Mohammad Shamuddin Masud, president of Bangladesh Primary School Assistant Teacher Association, said, “Our demand is to post the main teacher’s grade. If the Chief Teachers are 11th Grade, our demand is 12th. And if the main teachers reach the 10th grade, we will have to give 11th grade. ”

প্রাথমিকের সহকারী শিক্ষকদের যাবতীয় খবর পেতে এই পেজে লাইক দিয়ে এক্টিভ থাকুন….পেজে লাইক দিতে এখানে ক্লিক করুন

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