If you want to learn office management……

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If you want to learn office management……

If you want to learn office management
‘Office management’ is an important part of the employees’ efficiency in the world. Fair office management is an essential thing for executing official activities. The Institute of Small and Cottage Industries Corporation, under the Ministry of Industry, Ski has transformed more than 50,000 trainees in skilled manpower by training from 1985 to create skilled manpower. Those who are looking for a job, they can contact the ski. This will be considered as an additional qualification for the staff to join different organizations. This course is a professional and new people who are going to enter the job are equally important for everyone, said Director of the Course. Mofazzel Hossain.

Application qualification
Applicants must have at least HSC pass for application in the office management course. However, in the case of women, women will be given priority.

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Course content
Mofazzel Hossain said, the subject matter of this course is that the office functions, office organization and management, office manual, office discipline, election and promotion of staff, filing and record management, office location and layout, office budget, note and letter writing, goods purchase method, office supervision , Decision making methods etc. Office management course will be held on the 10th and 14th of February.

Application methods and class rules
The applicant will have to fill the application form by 10am on 10th February and apply for the application form. The latest educational certificates and one copy of the photo should be given as an attachment with the application. The finalists will be selected from the applicants through verbal examination. Oral test will be held from 10am on 10th February. Students who have passed oral examinations will have to pay the same day and the classes will start from that day.

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Cost and other amenities
For the office management course, the total cost of a trainee will be Tk. During the training for the trainees, there is a low-cost dormitory and eating arrangement at their own expense.

Contact Us
Md. Mofazzel Hossain, Course Director, Office Management Mobile: 01718-770975.

Ski, House # 24 / A, Road # 13 / A, Sector # 06, Uttara, Dhaka

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