New Zealand’s Al Nur mosque attacker Brenton Tarant remanded

New Zealand's Al Nur mosque attacker Brenton Taranto remanded

New Zealand’s Al Nur mosque attacker Brenton Tarant remanded

A court in New Hampshire ordered police to interrogate Brenton Tarantin, an attacking gunman, in two Hagel Park areas in the city of Christchurch.

On Friday, after the Friday prayers, police brought the accused to the Christchurch district court after accusing the main suspect gunman of the assault by the police.

According to a report by Thomson Reuters, the US news agency, the court granted Brenton Ta rant’s bail-free remand. The police will be able to interrogate Brenton until April 5. On that day he will be taken to the South Island City High Court.

During the Friday prayers, a gunman wearing black clothes and helmets started shooting at Al Nur mosque in Hagil Park area in Christchurch town. Last 49 people were killed in this.

Twenty people were injured. There are three Bangladeshi One more Bangladeshi is still missing.

Then it is known that the incident happened in another mosque in the city.

The name of a gunman named Brenton Tarant, which was broadcasting online live attacks on the incident.

The 28-year-old man was wearing a camera. Australian citizens born in Brenton He lives in the northern Grafton town of the country.

He described the cause of the attack in a 73-page poem posted online before the attack.

There Brenton introduces himself as a white white man.

New Zealand

It has been mentioned in the injunction that the attack was carried out to explain that the land of white is not an intruder.

New Zealand police said that two more people were detained in the attack. Although there is no crime information against them.

Meanwhile, in a photo provided by police, it appears that Brenton Tarantin was produced in court in white shirt and handcuffs.

It is believed that further charges will be brought against him.

Meanwhile, the family has released one of the dead people in the incident.

The name of that person was Dawood Nabi (71).

He came to New Zealand from Afghanistan in the 1980s. The names of the rest have not yet been published. But there are two-year-olds and 13-year-olds among the dead.

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