Wants to pay the money to the casualties in mosque ‘egg boy’

Wants to pay the money to the casualties in mosque 'egg boy'

Wants to pay the money to the casualties in mosque ‘egg boy’

The police arrested the teenager Will Connolly, who later broke the eggs on the head of the Australian senator, and later released him. Photo: Collected
Most of the money collected in the fund wants to provide victims to the victims of the Christchurch mosque, ‘Egg Boy Will Connolly. On Saturday, the Australian Senator Fraser Anne came under the influence of breaking eggs, Kanoli said.

Fraser Anning made a remark against Muslims after the Christchurch Mosque attack in New Zealand.

A donor declared his fundraiser’s platform “Go Funda M” to fund the costs of Will Connolly’s legal aid and to purchase more and more eggs, a supporter of his (Konori) announced.

So far, more than 45 thousand dollars have been deposited. On the page of Go Fund M, it has been said that Kanoli has been in touch with him. He wanted to donate this money to the victims of the Cristichchal Mosque attack.

The teenager broke the eggs on the head of Australian senator Fraser Anning at a press conference last Saturday.
Not only this, Kenoli is making a video on her mobile phone. But Fraser himself beat the teenager.

After the attack on Christchurch mosque, Senator Fraser Anning made a remark against Muslims. In a message, the senator said, “The real cause of the incident in New Zealand streets is the immigration program, which allows the vicious Muslims to stay in New Zealand.”

Fraser Anning was the first to fall. In the same protest, the teenager Will Connelli He was arrested by police and later released. But the social media has already started crying out loud about the teenager.

On his Twitter, Konnyi commented on the incident. Conny wrote, ‘At that moment I’m proud of the man. You want to say that Muslims are not terrorists and there is no religion of terrorism. Those who believe the Muslim terrorist community, their heads are empty like Anne. ”

Meanwhile, Senator Fraser Anne criticized the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.
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